Digital surface finishing solutions.

The starting point of the myMirka app was to offer a simple way to take care of your hands while sanding. We added an integrated vibration sensor and Bluetooth® technology to our most popular electric sanders and developed the myMirka app. With myMirka, you can access a lot of tool data and also register your warranty through the app.

To continue improving the experience with the digital Mirka app, we launch the myMirka Dashboard. This is a new IoT platform with services: myTools and myWorkers, these services visualize all the Mirka tools that are on the jobsite. We are constantly adding new useful features to our app and connecting more power tools.

All this is at your fingertips. Experience surface treatment in a new way.

Mirka's digital solution is just a click away.

Download the myMirka app 

myMirka is available for free (in-app purchases). We are constantly adding new features. Make sure your app is up to date.

You have downloaded the app and want to take advantage of all the benefits it provides, so we recommend you register as a user.

Happy sanding!

Connect your tools

Mirka® DEOS and Mirka® DEROS*

  • Connect the power cord to a power outlet
  • Press and hold the "+" button together with switching on the tool ("Power" button).
  • The left LED is lit (green), indicating that Bluetooth is active

Mirka® AOS-B, Mirka® AROS-B, Mirka® ARP-B and Mirka® AROP-B

  • Press and hold the button while pressing the shutter release button.
  • When the middle LED flashes, Bluetooth is active
  • When the device is paired, the central LED (green) lights up.

Pair devices

  • Check that Bluetooth is switched on
  • Open myMirka; select "Connect Tool" and then "Scan"
  • Select the tool you have activated and select "Connect" ***

Now you're ready to start using myMirka!


Real-time vibration measurement

Once connected, you can easily monitor the vibration level when using the tool. Select "Vibration" in the myMirka menu and the vibration of the tool will be displayed in a colour graded scale. If you are in the red, click on the information button for information on how to reduce the vibration. You can also monitor the speed in a separate chart.

Vibration is measured according to ISO 5349-1:2001 (E) and was developed in cooperation with CVK AB.

Long-term exposure to vibration

Vibration Exposure is available for purchase in the app. It allows you to track your daily vibration exposure.

If you are exposed to more than 50% of the maximum daily exposure to vibration in accordance with European Directive 2002/44/EC, Article 5, the meter will turn yellow.

Once the gauge turns red, you have reached the maximum level and your hands need to rest.

Take care of your most precious tools, namely your hands!

Exposure to vibration from grinding for very long periods of time can cause vibration neuropathy, or "vibration sickness".
At Mirka, we want to focus on your health, so we've made it easy for you to take steps to avoid this disease.

Measuring the daily amount of vibration is the key to improving occupational health.

myMirka® Dashboard

myMirka Dashboard is Mirka's new IoT platform. The first services launched are myTools and myWorkers. They visualize all activities in the work environment. We are constantly adding new useful features and connecting more power tools to help you in your work.

In short, Dashboard is a service for your browser and is connected via the myMirka app. The app communicates and sends tool and usage data to the Dashboard so you can enjoy all the benefits our digital services offer.

Connecting myMirka to Dasboard

The myMirka app connects to Dasboard in three steps:

  • Complete user registration in myMirka
  • Go to Settings in myMirka and log in via Login
  • You can then log in to your myMirka Dashboard account

The username is your email address and the password must be the same as the password you entered when you registered.


myTools and myWorkers

myTools visualizes your tools with detailed product information. With myWorkers, you get an overview of all workers and all tools in use. Both services offer additional features that you can explore during a 90-day trial period. With PRO myTools you get daily vibration data for each tool. You can see the current motor speed and temperature on the Dashboard while grinding.

With the PRO version of myWorkers, you get daily vibration exposure data for each user and can also store the collected data.

Both myTools and myWorkers are offered to everyone when they complete their tool warranty registration. All tools that have been registered with the same email address will be visible in your myMirka Dashboard account.

Digital vision of Mirka

Mirka's vision for digital transformation and connectivity is to transform the surface finishing process into the digital future by introducing smart technologies that provide added value, instant feedback to our customers and other stakeholders in a high-tech smart, fully integrated business environment using smart devices and big data processing.

In the age of digitalisation, connectivity counts and that's why myMirka is a platform that provides digital services and connections that are valuable to both employees and their work environment.

Join myMirka, stay connected and benefit from the added value that Mirka brings to the surface finishing industry by transforming business into the digital future.


Mirka products® with Bluetooth supporting myMirka app

  • MIRKA DEROS 325CV - 77mm - 2,5mm orbit
  • MIRKA DEROS 350CV - 77mm - 5,0mm orbit
  • MIRKA DEROS 550CV - 125mm - 5,0mm orbit
  • MIRKA DEROS 625CV - 150mm - 2,5mm orbit
  • MIRKA DEROS 650CV - 150mm - 5,0mm orbit
  • MIRKA DEROS 680CV - 150mm - 8,0mm orbit
  • MIRKA DEROS 5650CV - 125/150mm - 5,0mm orbit
  • MIRKA DEOS 353CV - 81 x 133mm - 3,0mm orbit
  • MIRKA DEOS 383CV - 70 x 198mm - 3,0mm orbit
  • MIRKA DEOS 663CV - 100 x 152 x 152mm - 3,0mm orbit
  • MIRKA AOS-B 130NV - 32mm - 3,0mm orbit
  • MIRKA AROS-B 150NV - 32mm - 5,0mm orbit
  • MIRKA ARP-B 300NV - 77mm
  • MIRKA AROP-B 312NV - 77mm - 12,0mm orbit

* Older Mirka DEROS models manufactured before September 2016 (without the product name printed in black on the side of the instrument) are not equipped with Bluetooth technology.

** The Bluetooth function for Mirka AROS-B and Mirka AOS-B is now only available in the EU, USA and Canada.

*** Please note that Bluetooth is automatically disconnected when the tool is unplugged from the power outlet or battery. If you have disconnected the tool, you must activate Bluetooth and pair the device again the next time you use it.