Our self-sharpening ceramic abrasives are among the best that current technology has to offer. However, the best grit in the world has only a limited potential if the quality of the bonding agent is not equally high.

That's why TYROLIT developed the Cerabond!


Using this technology, we have managed to achieve an optimal combination of ceramic grain and binder structure. This makes it possible to maintain the sharpness and life of the cutting wheel at the highest level. The Cerabond system prevents premature grain breakage and thus guarantees the full grinding performance of the individual grains.

1) Before grinding

2) When using a conventional binder, the hard and brittle grain cannot be thoroughly bonded to the binder

3) CERABOND technology makes it possible to create an optimal bond between the ceramic grains.

Video - Tyrolit CERABOND


  • The fastest grinding: Thanks to the new ceramic grain structure, CERABOND wheels offer a grinding and cutting speed you've never seen before.
  • Stays sharp: Thanks to the combination of the new bonding system and ceramic grain, the CERABOND blade stays sharp to the end
  • The longest grind: Thanks to the new bonding system, the CERABOND wheel offers an extremely long service life, resulting in fewer wheel changes for the user

Performance comparison

What is the magic of Tyrolit CERABOND technology?

The combination of ceramic grains and our unique TYROLIT binder structure ensures long-lasting aggressiveness with unmatched durability. CERABOND X technology ensures constant sharpness.

This makes it the best solution for grinding steels and stainless steels in demanding applications. No matter if you are grinding surfaces, edges or grinding welds - with CERABOND X technology you can do everything quickly.

Tyrolit Cerabond products:

Grinding and cutting wheels

Grinding and cutting wheels with ceramic grain TYROLIT Premium Cerabond X 2in1, designed for grinding and cutting steel and stainless steel, extra quality Premium Cerabond X, extra long life and excellent cutting quality.