With Abranet, Mirka has succeeded in something where many others have failed before and that is to develop a complete range of grinding. Thousands of holes provide phenomenal dust extraction. The maximum distance of each dust particle from the nearest extraction hole is only 0.5 mm. This clever structure provides many advantages. With the help of Abranet, dust is removed from the space between the abrasive and the grinding surface, which means that sanding is much more efficient. 

As the dust is continuously extracted, sanding is virtually dust-free.

Keeping the abrasive and the abrasive surface free of dust greatly extends the life of the abrasive, as the abrasive retains its abrasive properties over the entire surface. This makes the grinding process very efficient and improves the quality of the work. Since you can always see exactly what you are sanding, you gain excellent control over your work. For example, excessive sanding can be avoided.

Abranet solves many problems such as dust build-up and clogging. As dust does not settle in the sanding discs in the same way as before, there is no danger of grooves forming on the sanding surface or the disc being so full of dust that it reduces the sanding performance.

One of the many advantages of Abranet is that a product based on "clean-dust-free" technology has a longer service life than conventional abrasives.

Those who use Abranet for sanding know that by doing so, the company can achieve very good savings, in other words, much better profitability and competitiveness. This is why Abranet has spread at such a rapid rate.

At the moment, Mirka is working hard to innovate and expand its product range with new products and solutions so that you can take full advantage of the most advanced and advanced sanding methods. 

Innovative technologies

The long-term investments that Mirka puts into innovation are paying off. Mirka was the first company in the world to develop a dust-free sanding system. And it was worth the effort. Abranet has won many awards and is a bestseller all over the world. 

This innovative concept is unlike any other. The patented design consists of a dense mesh of polyamide fabric to which the abrasive surface is bonded. This structure ensures that no dust particle larger than 0.5 mm gets out of the dust extraction opening. The result is phenomenal suction over the entire surface and virtually dust-free sanding.