Mirka STYRO brings ergonomic wall sanding to the installation of polystyrene insulation panels and other insulation materials, complete with the Mirka dust-free sanding system for a quick and clean process.

Energy savings through better insulation

To save energy, buildings can be fitted with additional insulation panels, either underground, on the plinth or on the external wall of the house. This helps to retain heat better as less energy is lost to heating.

Installation of the insulation panels requires trimming them to the correct size and aligning the panels so that they can be painted and further adjusted. Without sanding the panels, the edges will protrude and the building will look unfinished or difficult to apply paint.


Easy, clean and fast

Complete solution

With Mirka's new STYRO concept, the installation of polystyrene insulation couldn't be cleaner. Usually, when aligning the panel joints to achieve a uniform structure, dirt is generated from grinding the insulation foam. To solve this problem, Mirka's ergonomic and easy-to-use LEROS-S sanders are equipped with a special backing plate and Mirka Iridium STYRO abrasive, together with a protective crossover, which make sanding easier, cleaner and faster.

Suitable for extruded polystyrene (XPS) and expanded polystyrene (EPS)

Sanding technology

The system is suitable for sanding underground and external insulation boards, for extruded polystyrene (XPS) and expanded polystyrene (EPS). Thanks to the specially developed Mirka Iridium sanding materials for the STYRO system, the dirt extraction capability has been further improved. Mirka offers different grits for different densities of polystyrene, from P40 to P80.

Reduce effort and speed up work

Ergonomic sanders

Mirka's LEROS-S wall sander is designed to reduce operator effort and help you get the job done quickly. Thanks to the efficient abrasive and powerful dust extraction, you can minimize both the time required for sanding and the amount of waste abrasive foam.

The combination of ergonomic design and dust-free sanding reduces discomfort and the risk of occupational illness, especially when dealing with large areas such as wall insulation.

Video - Mirka STYRO

Mirka STYRO products:

Mirka LEROS-S 950CV 225mm with 5.0mm orbit

Ideal for sanding in smaller rooms such as bathrooms and cloakrooms.

Go to the Mirka LEROS-S 950CV 225mm sander on the shop - click HERE

Backing pad MIRKA STYRO 225mm for sanding polystyrene

Special backing pad 225 mm for sanding polystyrene insulation boards together with other Mirka STYRO products.

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Pad saver 225mm MIRKA STYRO with velcro for sanding polystyrene

Pad saver developed for sanding polystyrene insulation boards. Suitable for Mirka LEROS and LEROS-S sanders.

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Abrasive disc MIRKA Iridium Styro 225mm with 9 holes for sanding polystyrene

A special version of Mirka Iridium abrasive developed for sanding polystyrene insulation boards.

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Extension for Mirka LEROS sander

Extension rod for increased range when sanding with the Mirka LEROS wall sander.

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Dust extractor MIRKA 1230L AFC

Professional L-class dust extractor with AutoStart function and filter cleaning.

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